MAGNETICO: The Ultimate Close Control Dribbling Training Program

MAGNETICO: The Ultimate Close Control Dribbling Training Program

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Dribbling skills and creative moves are a beautiful and entertaining part of the game, but when we take a closer look at the best dribblers in the world such as Messi, Hazard, Robben we can see that instead of using skills, they have mastered the art of keeping the ball close to their body while maneuvering around the pitch at speed, like there is a magnet between the ball and their foot.

After practicing this style of dribbling for many years and discovering how effective it was on the pitch, I put together all of the drills that helped me to improve and created MAGNETICO, the ultimate close control dribbling training program specifically designed to take your close control dribbling to the next level.

Program Features:

  • Full 7 day training program containing over 21 unique and challenging dribbling drills that can be performed anywhere

  • Structured and detailed e-book so you know exactly what drills to do on what day with sets and reps included

  • Video examples and diagrams of each drill so you can see how they are set up and performed

  • Daily warm up exercise to prepare you for the drills each day and get you hundreds of extra touches on the ball

  • Extra tips for keeping close control of the ball when dribbling at speed

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